Clara Johansson
Fasadglas is proud to supply the bARK Timber Facade System in the for the Vapenrocken project. The commissioner, Regio and P&E Fastigheter develops attractive office spaces in the A6 area outside Jönköping.
Fasadglas Kronprinsen Malmö
Kronprinsen wins Facade of the Year in the renovation/restoration category, when Mur & Putsföretagen hands out the award for the eighth year in a row.
Fasadglas Kronprinsen
The Crown Prince is one of the nominees when Mur och Putsföretagen nominates this year's facade in the renovation category. Read more about the unique project.
We can proudly announce that Fasadglas has acquired a new industrial property in Hultsfred. Fasadglas is in an expansion phase and the new acquisition generates increased production capacity in connection with the launch of the timber-based facade system bARK.
Fasadglas Kronprinsen Fasad
The iconic Kronprinsen in Malmö has received a new outfit - 15,000 square meters of facade made of a total of 2.5 million clinker tiles in five shades of blue.
Fasadglas Kv Provisorn Jarlahuset 2021
It has been almost 10 years since Jarlahuset was completed. We have spoken to Probitas CEO Samuel Borg, who tells us more about the journey.
Fasadglas bARK träd
With our sights set on sustainable development of society, we’ve launched a new facade concept – bARK Timber Facade System. It is manufactured from raw materials sourced from Swedish certified forests, making it both environmentally friendly and cost effective.
Fasadglas Gasverket Hus 20
The old Gasverket Building 8 treatment plant has won the 2021 ROT prize (awarded by the Stockholm Byggmästareförening to promote redevelopment in Stockholm).


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