World Premiere for bARK Modules at Vapenrocken in Jönköping - a Sustainable Office Building for the Future

Fasadglas is proud to supply the bARK Timber Façade System in the for the Vapenrocken project. The commissioner, Regio and P&E Fastigheter develops attractive office spaces in the A6 area outside Jönköping. The primary structure is erected, and this week, the first-ever bARK modules were installed on the slab edge.

Vapenrocken has a unique design that encompasses a prefabricated timber facade solution to create a warm and natural atmosphere while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. By utilizing modern techniques and materials, the project is designed to be an exemplary model for sustainable construction and pave the way for a more sustainable building industry.

Vapenrocken will be certified according to Miljöbyggnad (the Swedish environmental certification system for buildings). Long-term sustainability is a guiding principle and is reflected in the exterior design, characterized by a connection to nature and thin barriers in the form of generous glass partitions with external sun shading to maximize daylight while providing a comfortable indoor environment. The design is by Tengbom Architects.

YLAB is the general contractor and entrusted Fasadglas with design, manufacturing and installation of prefabricated façade modules by, bARK Timber Facade System. This project is the first-ever implementation using modules from the bARK Timber Facade System, and Lars Bengtsson, Project, and System Development Manager at Fasadglas, says:

“We are very proud to finally see our hard work materialize on the facades of Vapenrocken. This is the first project for bARK Modules produced in our production facility in Hultsfred. What you see is the result of several years of development and hard work together with our team. Several projects are now in different stage of development, and you will see more Module projects this year already!”

The installation of the modules has now begun and will continue until September 2023. Project Manager Simon Forsberg Gore shares:

“After months of planning and coordination, seeing the finished bARK modules in place on the structure is a great feeling. It has been a fantastic collaboration among all involved parties.”


For further information, please contact: Erik Stening, Sales and Marketing Manager, Fasadglas Bäcklin AB +46 70 310 05 30 or