Each and every one of us bears responsibility for our planet, as companies, individuals and society. At Fasadglas, we help our customers build more sustainably, using new technology and new systems. We offer systems that reduce the carbon footprint and improve the U-value. We make it easier for you to choose the right system. We believe that better, sustainable solutions generate value for us, our customers, suppliers and every stakeholder in the world around us. The way we can make the biggest difference though is through our projects.

Our team

People are our greatest strength and asset

Entrepreneurial spirit, engagement and job satisfaction are all essential ingredients for development and innovation. Equality and inclusion are also an obvious part of ensuring creativity and sustainable development in our own company and in society.

Fasadglas is its employees.


Development is our core business

Innovation is essential to sustainable development of society. We are inquisitive, daring to test new approaches, working methods and products. It has resulted in new solutions, systems and processes, such as investments in third generation solar cells and our new bARK Timber Facade System. And, expanding into the area of manufacturing gives us more influence over the value chain. It involves both challenges and opportunities that we happily take on with enormous optimism for the future.

Our goal is for more than half of the facades we deliver in 2022 to be made of timber. In 2023, we aim for 75%. To achieve those goals, we’ve invested in a new, 44,000 sq. m. production facility in Hultsfred. Fasadglas thus now has the largest capacity for manufacturing timber stick and curtain wall facades in Scandinavia.


Together, we’re stronger

But we’ll never sit back and say it’s enough. We strive to continuously improve and contribute to a brighter future. Fasadglas is a signatory of Färdplan 2045, which is a joint sustainability initiative of the construction industry in Sweden. We have thus committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and having zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.  We’ve based our sustainability strategy on this and shall pursue our vision of becoming the most sustainable company in our industry by 2025.

Fasadglass has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 since 2011. We systematically work to develop our business and processes, which is an important part of our QEW efforts.