Quality and specialist expertise

Our core business and expertise is facade construction. And it covers every step of the process, from the earliest stages of design and development to planning, dimensioning, manufacturing and production, construction and service of the competed building. We run our own, in-house projects as well as partnering projects.

The types of projects range from new construction and renovation, to glass and prefab facades and roofs. Having our own systems and production facility is another advantage, enabling us to offer a locally produced, custom solution. We develop solutions for custom designs and technically challenging projects, where the environmental, safety and design requirements are specific and high. The types of materials we work with include glass, timber, sheet metal, stone and Alucobond. We also participate in projects where solar cells are integrated into the facade or roof.

Together, we generate sustainable results that go above and beyond.

We are frequently involved in the early stages of a project, e.g. consultation and preliminary design. For example, we assist clients with such things as the budget and energy calculations, buildability and development of new concepts. Collaboration in the early stages helps ensure an efficient process and the desired results.