The right expertise and collaboration helps ensure good results

The Project and System Development Group offers advice in the early stages (Phase 1). We collaborate with architects, consultants, construction companies and property owners to arrive at buildable solutions that meet the unique project goals. For advanced construction projects, it is very important to gain an early understanding of the project’s unique challenges and possibilities. There can, for example, be unique design or construction challenges, as well as environmental or budgetary constraints.

Of course, they are all intricately intertwined as well, which is why early collaboration with architects, clients, consultants and contractors with specialist expertise is so important. Fasadglas currently collaborates with a group of climate consultants, sun protection experts and other specialized tradesmen, depending on the specific project needs.

Feasibility study

For the feasibility study, we work with the project’s consulting group to identify and manage the project’s specific challenges. The final result is a buildable solution that meets the project’s specific requirements and budget.

Who is involved in this type of collaboration?

The Project and System Development Group at Fasadglas consists of seven individuals with extensive experience in glass and facade construction. We have specialist expertise and experience in many areas, such as materials, design & design process, moisture, logistics, manufacturing, dimensioning and sustainability. Which experts we involve depends on the specific project and its needs.

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