About us

This is Fasadglas

Fasadglas Bäcklin AB has been offering innovation, knowledge and quality since 1913. With more than 100 years in the industry, Fasadglas is the one of the most longstanding players in the market. Our love of craftsmanship and knowledge has been handed down for many generations. It has taken us on a journey from local glazier to nationwide supplier with more than 100 employees and business activities that cover the full spectrum from contracting, project development and system development to production, wholesale and service. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Hultsfred and Umeå.

We are passionate about architecture, building care and early-stage collaboration, where we take on complex challenges having to do with design, construction, quality and service.

Gamla Bäcklins Glasmästeri
The Fasadglas legacy

Our History

Fasadglas was founded in 1913 as Emil Bäcklins Glasmästeri. Since then, our passion for craftsmanship and knowledge has been handed down over many generations and the company has grown to more than 100 employees serving the entire country.

Fasadglas is still a family-owned company, where generations of the family are still its main owners and actively involved in daily operations.


Work with us

Our employees are our most important asset. We are always interested in contact with inquisitive new talent that shares our same passion and wants to be a part of our journey and legacy.

You’ll find a posting of our open positions on LinkedIn and our website. Ready for new challenges? Please send your CV and a personal letter to: jenny.schullerqvist@fasadglas.se. If you are interested in working at our production facility at Hultsfred, please read more here.