Meet our team

We are Fasadglas

We are a team of just over 100 employees striving for a brighter future. Even though we may sit at different offices, we’re a tightly knit team of happy people. We believe that innovation, knowledge and quality makes a difference. And, with that in mind, we put a great deal of focus on entrepreneurial spirit, engagement and job satisfaction.

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Shaho Balbas

Sales Manager bARK - Click & Build
Fasadglas Roger Nilsson

Roger Nilsson

Sales, Glass and metal service - Stockholm

Nicola Peterson

Cost Estimation Engineer - Gothenburg
Fasadglas Nedas Babkinas

Nedas Babkinas

Acting Manager, Glass and metal service - Stockholm
Fasadglas Madeleine Blom

Madeleine Blom

Receptionist/Financial Assistant - Stockholm

Lars Bengtsson

Head of R&D Department - Gothenburg

Johan Wisberg

Production Manager Manufacturing - Hultsfred
Fasadglas Johan Kling

Johan Kling

Project and System Development - Hultsfred

Fredrik Ek

Head of Production, Pre-Assembly & Assembly

Erik Stening

Sales & Marketing Manager - Gothenburg

Dan Skepphagen

Procurement and Order planner

Claus Hansen

Head of Engineering - Gothenburg

Christian Isomettä

Production Preparer

Anna Askelin

Project Manager - Region South

Andreas Schmeiss

Production Manager Pre-Assembly - Hultsfred

Anders Summanen

Project & System Development - Stockholm