Hedin Bil Kista

The Hedin Bil Kista project involved both renovation and extension of an older property. The new, cohesive design for the entire building complex makes a pleasing overall impression with the mix of metal-composite sheets, partitions and solar shields. The glass facade has the leading role, gently sloping towards the south and culminating in a free-hanging, droplet-shaped curvature of magnificently crafted glass.

Fasadglas was involved during the early design and planning stages, where we closely collaborated with both the architect and client to realize the vision and meet all of the stringent requirements. The biggest challenge with this project had to do with the size and shape of the glass and meeting the fire safety requirements associated with the site’s sensitive geographical location.

ArchitectQPG Arkitektur AB
ClientHedin Bil
GEErlandssons Bygg AB
SystemSchüco FW50+, Schüco FW50+ SG E30, Schüco FW50+ SG
ContactAli Ketabati