Jarlahuset - Kv Provisorn

Jarlahuset is a unique ROT project, where a typical 1970s building was thoroughly renovated. The result is a light, modern office building with a magnificent, yet well-hidden inner courtyard designed like a glass vase.

Jarlahuset was an outdated building, with low ceilings and a horribly dreary inner courtyard. It was certainly not meeting the standard of a modern, space-efficient office building. The solution they landed on was a “built-in glass funnel”, with one side leaning in order to create another 800 sq. m. of leasable space. The facade is constructed of prefabricated glued floor-high glass, without any visible profiles. It lets in light and disguises the low ceiling height, thereby creating a pleasant environment. Each floor is around 2,000 sq. m. and the funnel serves as a natural hub.

Jarlahuset is an important cultural-historical landmark that is Q-marked. This is why the brick facade, representative of its era and designed by Architect Sture Frölén, was preserved.

The project demonstrates that it is possible to build an environmentally-friendly, energy-smart structural glazing facade without altering the building’s appearance and giving it many needed improvements, like lower U-values, well-functioning sun shielding, safety and sound performance.

The tenant was attracted by its playful design and is even contemplating projecting swimming sharks onto Stockholm’s most hidden “fishtank”! The project was awarded the prestigious 2013 ROT prize and it won Glaspriset (Sweden’s best glass building project) in 2014.

In 2022, we will celebrate Jarlahuset’s 10th anniversary and spoke to Samuel Borg, CEO of Probitas to have him tell us more about it. Read more here.

ArchitectAros Arkitekter AB
ClientProbitas AB
GENCC Sverige AB
SystemFG LightWall
Contact Lars Bengtsson