K20 Parkering garage

Nya Krokslätt is a new development on the outskirts of Gothenburg, adjacent to the Safjället Nature Preserve. Husvärden AB is in charge of it all and there are very high environmental requirements on all aspects of the project. Several of the buildings have already been recognized for their energy efficiency. The K20 parking garage is part of the development.

The facade has been clad with overlapping, square frames of glass, tinted in various shades of green. It makes for a pleasing overall impression, detached from the concrete frames and thus magnifying the contrast between heavy concrete and the lightness of green-shimmering glass.

In order to realize the architect’s vision, a unique fastening system was used that emphasizes the facade’s lovely scaled structure, while still facilitating adequate ventilation.

ArchitectWingårdhs Arkitekter AB
ClientHusvärden AB
SystemFG Special
ContactLars Bengtsson