Östra Hamngatan

For the ROT project, Östra Hamngatan 16, a 1960s building was given a major facelift. The appearance and environmental aspects were improved for these centrally located office premises. The design we came up with also gave the client additional leasable space.

The challenges for this project were the extremely tight deadline, advanced measurement and overcoming logistical problems associated with its central location. The building is situated right in downtown Gothenburg, where there is a heavy flow of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, buses and trams right outside the front door. To streamline the process and reduce the number of transports, we decided to set up an onsite manufacturing of the elements that would be used.

Once the renovation was completed, the building obtained Sweden Green Building Council Silver certification.

ArchitectKanozi Arkitekter
SystemProject unique element facade system SG-solution
ContactLars Bengtsson