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This is Fasadglas

Knowledge and quality since 1913

Fasadglas is a knowledge-driven company striving to develop new solutions and concepts for the construction industry of the future. We have a full range offering that covers every stage of the process, from initial concept, design and planning to production, construction and after-sales service. Innovation, quality and sustainability are absolutely essential. And, with that in mind, we put a great deal of focus on entrepreneurial spirit, engagement and job satisfaction. Together, as a team, we generate sustainable results that go above and beyond.

Business Areas

Fasadglas is engaged in a variety of business activities in the following areas: construction, project development, production, wholesale and service. We have just over 100 employees and serve customers throughout Sweden.

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Project & System Development

The Project & System Development Department at Fasadglas consists of a highly skilled group of individuals with specialist expertise in glass and facades. We assist our customers in the early stages to develop, optimize and turn their visions into buildable solutions.

bARK Timber Facade System

bARK is a locally manufactured façade system manufactured at our facility in Hultsfred with raw materials sourced from Swedish certified forests. bARK is delivered either as a stick built facade or curtain wall. Compared to traditional facade systems, a bARK facade reduces carbon emissions by 40–50%.

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Fasadglas & sustainability

Sustainability - absolutely and always

We want to be a part of society’s further development, but not in a way that is detrimental to people or our climate. Please read more about our sustainability efforts and how we plan on achieving our goal of being the most sustainable player in the industry by 2025.


bARK Timber Facade System

World-class Swedish timber system

bARK Timber Facade System is a Swedish facade system made entirely of wood for modern facades with high requirements on design, sustainability and quality. Together, we developed bARK Stick and bARK Module to be able to offer our customers smart solutions without compromising on design, sustainability or quality.

bARK is made of Swedish certified glulam and locally manufactured at our factory in Hultsfred.

On the surface, it might look like every other traditional system, but we assure you it is not. What’s on the inside is our patented solution made entirely of wood. On average, the carbon footprint of timber-based modules is 50% lower than traditional, aluminium-based systems, verified by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute’s carbon emission calculator (including glass and surface layers, based on generic data from the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.