Kv Orgelpipan 6

The challenges associated with the facade for Kv Orgelpipan 6 demanded a unique solution. They mainly revolved around the geometry of the facade and requirements that needed to be met for fire certification. Because of its unique design, the existing fire-rated facade systems could not be used. The innovative solutions involved working with individual elements hung from the upper and lower edges of the joists. But still one problem remained to be solved, namely, that the facade had more vertical level definitions than the actual number of floors/joists. It meant that some of the elements had to be hung from the middle, rather than the upper or lower edges. The challenge was solved using fire retardant painted obliques that could take up the rotation.

Engineers at Fasadglas collaborated with Brandskyddslagret and the architects at 3XN to cleverly come up with a single solution that met all the requirements.

Each element weighed just over 700 kg, unglazed. In total, Fasadglas delivered 200 elements that were glazed and installed at one of Stockholm most logistically challenging locations. And what a stunning result! It is a unique solution that serves as a role model for how technical challenges can be overcome while realizing the architect’s vision.

SystemSteel profiles AB, SP976500 & SP95000 Special
ContactDina Jurukov