KTH School of Architecture

The basic concept when developing the new KTH School of Architecture was to integrate it with the rest of the campus. One of the main design challenges for the architects was the limited space, incorporating the triangle-shaped garden and the culturally and historically protected environment. Because of the building’s location and surroundings, safety and logistics were also a high priority throughout the entire process.

The School of Architecture was awarded the 2015 Kasper Salin Prize and that same year, nominated as Building of the Year. In 2016, it was named Stockholm Building of the Year (Årets Stockholsbyggnad).

ArchitectTham & Videgård Arkitekter
ClientAkademiska Hus
SystemSchüco FW50 + FG Lightwall, Lackdoor LD65/195
ContactJan Lindholm

Defining features of the exterior are the large glass windows and rusted-red steel panels, which, depending on the daylight, creates shadows that generate both light and depth.


Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård