Glasvasen is situated right in downtown Malmö, with an organic design and colourful character that makes it really stand out and catch the eye of passersby. It houses 6,500 sq. m. of office space, with stores and restaurant space on the ground floor.

Glasvasen meets the environmental classification standards of both Sweden Green Building Council Gold and BREEAM Excellent. For this project, the challenge was the combination of the highly technical level of innovation and high performance requirements on energy efficiency and sustainable materials.

The facade consists of a 3,750 sq. m. curtain wall facade of both clear and green-tinted glass in four different shades. There are green rectangular glass fins vertically attached to the building, which gives it extra depth.  Approximately 70% of the clear glass is equipped with blinds that are regulated by solar sensors on the facade.

ArchitechtKanozi /Tengbom
SystemSchuco FW50+ HI
ContactLars Bengtsson & Erik Stening