Clarion Hotel Sign

Clarion Hotel Sign, with its 558 rooms, is one of the largest design hotels in Sweden. The hotel has 11 floors and is made up of four separate buildings that share the same inner courtyard.

Each building facade consists of large glass panels interspersed with polished, cross-hammered granite. The entire facade was specially designed and each prefabricated section hangs from the edge of each beam. The total slope of the northern facade, from the 4th to 11th floor, is 1.6 metres. We even did some of the interior work, like the glass stairs, glass railings and elevator shafts.

One of the biggest challenges for this project involved designing the glass in a way that it would be level with granite sections, without compromising on the insulation standard for the building.

ArchitectWingårdh Arkitekter AB
ClientArthur Buchardt – Banhotellet Invest AB
GESkanska Sverige AB
SystemProject unique curtain wall
ContactLars Bengtsson