ICON Växjö

ICON is a new landmark at Växjö that really grabs your attention, with its colourful facade and height of 67 metres. Situated at the centre of Arenastaden, it is a meeting place for residents, workers and visitors alike. There are 280 residential units, 4,500 sq. m. of office space, 1,600 sq. m. for co-working, a high school, restaurant, spa and gym. The building has 19 floors.

ICON was built using entirely new technology, where we developed a curtain wall facade made entirely of wood. Wood offers environmental advantages that reduce the carbon footprint and raise the energy efficiency thanks to lower U-values and less heat loss of thermal bridges.

We used the original drawings and collaborated with the project’s various partners to realize the architect’s vision. Working with new materials and techniques is always challenging and we were still developing some of the details during the project implementation phase. ICON kicked off the start of our internal development work for the new bARK Timber Facade System and the building is now a new stately landmark for the modern wooden city of Växjö.

Architect Semrén & Månsson Arkitektkontor
ClientAPP Fastigheter
GEDynacon Construction AB
SystemUnique timber facade system
ContactDiana Jurukov & Johan Kling