ABBA The Museum

The ABBA Museum’s new glazed event section was completed in May 2016, just in time for the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted by Stockholm that same year. The architect’s vision was an orangery, with focus on lush greenery and natural materials like steel, leather and wood.

The biggest challenge was the extremely tight deadline for implementation. We worked for a few very intensive months on the design and planning of it all, in close collaboration with Pop-House and Tengbom Arkitekter.

The glazed building consists of a floating dense roof, surrounded by a reclining glass roof that connects on two sides to fully glazed façade sections. The glass building was designed without a load-bearing steel frame or profile system, so that the facades would be as transparent as possible. The solution making it all possible was the FG Lightwall Structural Glazing System, which involved gluing the glass sections to steel beams. Stainless steel fittings were another key element.

ClientPophouse Property AB
SystemFG Special load-bearing glass beam, SP 5700
ContactAnders Summanen