Cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a website requests to save on the visitor’s browser or device. The main purpose is to give visitors access to various functions on the website, to be able to analyze user behavior, and to improve our website.Some cookies are so-called necessary cookies and are required for the website to function. These you cannot waive (e.g. the banner function that gives you the option to waive non-necessary cookies).

Non-essential cookies
Cookies that are not considered necessary for the website’s basic functionality are so-called non-essential cookies. When you visit our website for the first time, you are allowed to waive these. The services that depend on these cookies will then not work. You can also make settings via your browser so that the use of cookies is blocked from being downloaded automatically, alternatively, you can actively accept each time a website sends a new cookie to your browser or device. Cookies that have been downloaded on a previous occasion can be deleted via the browser (for further information see the browser’s help page).

The non-essential cookies that our website uses are described below:

Analysis and tracking – Google Analytics
The website uses Google Analytics to collect information about how our website is used. The purpose is for us to be able to evaluate and improve the website’s content and experience. The service places cookies in the browser and you can choose to waive them. (Cookie ID: _ga and _ga_# Expiration: 2 years) Read more about how you handle data in Google’s privacy policy:

Multi-language functional cookie – Polylang
Our website is available in several languages. This cookie saves your choice of display language. The aim is to give our visitors a good experience on the website. (Cookie ID: _pll Expiration: 1 year)