Project and systems development

Project development

The project and systems development group provide professional advice in the pre-building phase. We collaborate with architects, consultants, construction companies, and property owners to develop buildable solutions and achieve unique project goals. This way, we can ensure an effective process throughout the entire project.

In complex projects, it is essential to establish an overview of the challenges and opportunities of the project as early as possible. 

Complex challenges regarding design, climate, environment, and economy are usually interconnected. Thus, posing a necessity for early collaboration between architects, clients, consultants, and other specialists involved. Fasadglas collaborates with a variety of specialists in different fields based on the project´s specific requirements.


Our offer

Pre-buildning phase

The goal is to identify and solve any bottlenecks early in the process. Thus, together optimize and find solutions that maintain or improve the quality. The result is buildable solutions that meet the project’s specific requirements (i.g. complex design and sustainability) and budget.

Who is involved in a collaboration?

Our experience is that the client and architect work together with a project manager to establish the procedure. Then we investigate what specialist skills are necessary and eventual gaps that need to be met. Our knowledgeable people from the Project and Systems Development group are usually involved in these collaborations.

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